How We Began

After 20 years as a Teacher, Principal, Curriculum Developer and 8 years of experience as the owner and founder of Tools of Empowerment since 2002, Cynthia saw the need to help youth perform at a higher level academically.

Hope Tutoring Services provides a comprehensive program to Educate, Equip and Empower our students in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Academically, HTS provides focus on supporting growth in Reading, Writing, Math, and Study Skills. This continues as a priority issue to maintain a leading edge curriculum, adding new courses of study to the program as needed. Through the continued introduction of innovative technology, another priority issue, HTS is also able to provide students with essential skills and a working familiarity with computer technology.

Hope gives equal emphasis to life skills as part of its leading edge curriculum, such as Financial Literacy, How to Prepare a Budget and Maintaining Good Health with all students while offering older students the chance to develop critical job and interview skills. When appropriate, we also incorporate studies that address Character Development and Spirituality.